When a girl is interested in a guy, it’s sometimes hard to tell if she really likes him. Women are hard to read especially when it comes to flirting. Some guys may misinterpret a woman’s interest for friendship into something else, so how to tell if a girl likes you?

Her behaviour and her body language are the key elements in knowing if she’s romantically interested in you. Most women like to socialize with other people. At an early age, they are already developing their social skills and when they become a mature person they can easily pick up cues from men.

For you guys it’s usually more difficult to pick up cues from women. Thats why we wrote this article about the flirting signs that hint if a girl is romantically interested in you:

#1 She always smiles at you

woman smiling to a man

This is the most common flirting signs that girls do and it is also the easiest to interpret. When a woman smiles at you, it means that she is really interested to have a conversation with you. But you have to make the first move and talk to her.

#2 She twirls her hair

When a woman is twirling her hair while talking to you, it means that she really enjoys your company. If you say hi to a woman and she’s playing with her hair around her finger, it’s one of the flirting signs that she wants to have a longer conversation with you so keep chatting.

#3 She needs your help

If she asks you for help in any way, it could be one of the flirting signs that she wants you to be her hero. For example, if you saw a woman in the airport and she asks you for help on carrying her luggage.

#4 She talks to you with double meanings

When you are having a conversation with a woman and she says subtle double meaning remarks that hold an erotic undercurrent, it’s one of the clear flirting signs that she wants to get intimate with you. For example, she says “You can look, but don’t touch” in an alluring way.

#5 She points her toes at you

A woman who plays hard to get usually bends her chest away from you. But you may know the truth if she really likes you by observing her non-verbal cues. Try asking a few friendly questions and glance at her feet under the table. If she is pointing her toes towards you, then she really likes you.

#6 She is fidgeting with her stuff

If a woman continuously snaps her hairband or tosses her hair, it is a sign of flirting. However, she should make an uninterrupted eye contact with you. If she only glances at you and she doesn’t seem to make an eye contact, she is probably thinking of getting away from you as quickly as she can.

#7 She wants to be close to you

If she wants to stay close to you, then she probably likes you especially if she’s not the person who likes to make physical contact. Look for flirting signs like she touches you with her hand for a long time. But it doesn’t mean anything if you are in a noisy club or a crowded place.

#8 She likes to chat with you

Some women don’t like flirting, they see it as a nonsense activity. Most of these women will just listen to what you say and give you encouraging and meaningful comments. However, a woman is not really interested in you if she doesn’t seem to care about what you are saying. If she’s interested, she will give more attention to what you are saying and she will enjoy talking more about the topic.

#9 She likes to see you regularly

You seem to bump into each other several times at the same place. Maybe you both like to eat sandwiches and she may also know the exact time you will come to that particular place. A woman who is interested in you likes to see you regularly and she will do anything to make it happen.

#10 She behaves differently with you compared to other guys

A woman who is flirting behaves differently to a guy that she likes. When she is with other guys, pay attention to how she treats them compared to how she treats you. If you notice any significant difference like she acts sweeter to you then she probably likes you.

#11 She tells you how she feels

Some women are more straightforward than others. They don’t like to give vague answers to your questions. A woman who is really flirting with you tends to be more concrete and honest.

#12 She starts a conversation

If a woman starts a conversation with you, that’s a major sign that she is really into you. Typically women wait for the man to come over to her. So having her initiate the conversation is really a good sign.

Agree or disagree with the tips above? Tell us or share your own tips in the comments section below.

One Reply to “How To Tell If A Girl Likes You”

  1. All I’ll say is this: She’s going to look at you. Wait for it.
    In other words, don’t look at her first – just “be aware of her.” Wait for her to look – she *will.* (No really – – – she will.) The split-second she’s looking your way, make eye contact – “catch” her looking at you. Now she’ll have a wee bit more difficulty telling herself “I’m not interested in him” – you just showed her that maybe the opposite is true.
    Not saying do that every single time – but do it *sometimes.*

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